Software Development

James has been writing software for Apple platforms for over twenty years. While at Apple, he spent half a decade on the AppKit team, working on the application framework used to build Cocoa apps for the Mac. He also was on the original Aperture team, and wrote the original web and native app infrastructure of an early version of the Apple public beta program, known as ‘customer seeding’.

Tapas Software

Since founding Tapas Software in 2011, James has worked with Silicon Valley startups and large tech companies as a contractor and consultant. He has advised and written software for iOS, iPadOS, macOS in both Objective-C and Swift.

Projects and Products

In addition to consulting and contracting, James has created various apps and open source projects. A subset are listed here.


WALT is the Watched Animation List Tracker. This app allows fans of Disney and Pixar animation to track the animated films they have watched. It is available on the App Store.


BuildSettingExtractor is a free, open-source utility that extracts build settings from an Xcode project into a set of xcconfig files.

iOS Device Summary

James produced the now-retired iOS Device Summary from 2012 to 2016.