Album Art for James Dempsey and the Breakpoints Single 'One More Thing…'


Russell Bond: Percussion

Ken Case: Vocals

Kevin Cupp: Electric Guitar

Jim Dalrymple: Electric Guitar

Mark Dalrymple: Trombone, Bass Trombone

James Dempsey: Lead Vocals, Ukulele, Organ

Nathan Eror: Electric Guitar, Vocals

Ken Ferry: Cello

John Fox: Drums

Izzy Fraimow: Bass

Gordie Freedman: Electric Guitar

Tom Harrington: Didgeridoo, Vocals

Steve Hayman: Trombone

Daniel Jalkut: Vocals

Uli Kesterer: Vocals

Emilie Kim: Violin

Shloka Kini: Acoustic Guitar, Alto Saxophone, Vocals

Jean MacDonald: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Jonathan Mann: Vocals

Dave Mark: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Tim Mitra: Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals

Rob Napier: Electric Guitar, Vocals

Sommer Panage: Flute, Ukulele

Daniel Pasco: Trumpet

Jonathan Penn: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Laura Savino: Vocals

Ben Scheirman: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals

Ellen Shapiro: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Brent Simmons: Banjo, Organ, Electric Guitar, Vocals

Josh Smith: Acoustic Guitar

Daniel Steinberg: Slide Advance Keyboard

T.J. Usiyan: Vocals

Kris Yenney: Cello as Viola


Production of One More Thing… was made possible through the following sponsorships.