My father, Wilbur Dempsey, passed away

March 29, 2018

I have a sad update. Wilbur Dempsey, my father, passed away yesterday afternoon.

He died peacefully without pain in the hospital. He was surrounded in his final hours by his children and a few other loved ones.

Ten days before he died, Dad at 92 years old was still mentally sharp, still living on his own, and still driving. He drove down to my sister Ann’s for their usual Sunday dinner. He would always stay overnight and drive home to Milltown in the morning.

The next morning he was not feeling well, so he stayed with my sister. His decline happened quickly over the next week. He found it increasingly difficult to walk, becoming more tired and losing energy and his appetite.

Tuesday morning he was unresponsive and taken to the hospital. I arrived late in the evening that same day and we spent the night with Dad in the hospital.

Dad never regained consciousness, but during that time we had our chance to tell him how much we loved him, to share our favorite memories with him, and tell him through tears how much we would miss him.

The photo below is of Dad ten days ago on March 18th.

The world has lost a truly kind, selfless person who brought so much joy, laughter, and sunshine to everyone around him.

Rest in peace in God’s love Dad. •